We live in a remarkable world.  3d printers are available for less than $200 that will fit on your kitchen table or on an office desk.  These printers provide hundreds of hours of creative entertainment for you and your family.

This video was produced for people new to 3d printing looking for their first printer. I review the specifications, unbox, set-up, and test the Monoprice MP Select Mini 3d Printer (v2).  Most other 3d printers that sell for less than $200 are provided as kits.  As a fully assembled printer, calibrated and ready for use, the MP Select Mini is an excellent to obtain a taste of 3d printing fun.

Along the way, I explain some essential 3d printing concepts, including a discussion of the types of materials (filaments) supported by 3d printers and the steps necessary to produce your first print.

Enjoy the video!