25% of the people accessing the Models application the first couple of weeks were using mobile devices.  Unfortunately they were greeted by a message telling them that the application was not supported on mobile devices.  This is no longer true.

With a new release going out shortly (no later than March 14th) the Models @ MakeWithTech application is supported on mobile devices from the smallest to the largest.  In addition to fixing many minor bugs, this release adds support for user notifications via an integration with Magic Bell.

Release Notes

  • Implemented a multiple layout framework across the application.  This framework supports conditional rendering based on layout and layout dependent type size adjustments.
  • Added a new "drawer style" side bar navigation element for both mobile and desktop users.
  • Added support for "preferred layout" to the account page.
  • Reworked many display elements to accommodate mobile displays.
  • Added a completely new Thingiverse Search layout for mobile devices.
  • Enabled the ability to download non-STL files.  STL file downloads are still blocked due to Thingiverse API terms.
  • Integrated the Magic Bell notification system.

Thank you for participating in the Mobile @ MakeWithTech application rollout.